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Moon Roof

Microcomputer control tilt & slide electric moon roof (electric roll shade & pinch with prevention function)

Available for Progress, Premium, Elegance and Turbo

JPY 108,000

Spare Tire

JPY 10,800

Available for Progress, Premium, Elegance and Turbo

intelligent clearance sonar (ICS)

A system that relaxes collisions caused by mistakes in accelerator pedal strokes and excessive steps and contributes to mitigation of damage. Added a function to alleviate contact with obstacles in "clearance sonar" which informs the approach of obstacles with display and buzzer during driving such as garage entry. When detecting an obstacle such as a wall in the forward and backward direction, the engine output is suppressed at the time of starting, and the brake is applied automatically when the distance further decreases. Also, it corresponds to scenes where the accelerator is not stepped, such as low speed running (creep running).

JPY 28,080

Premium, Elegance, Grand packages only
Includes in Premium advanced

Accessories outlet [in the luggage]

AC100V · 100W

Please use the following electrical products 100W. However, there are times when it does not operate normally in the following electrical products 100W. Please ask your dealer for details.

Available for Elegance. Includes as standard in Premium

JPY 64,800