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Other Option


Mirror garnish (Planet Blue / plating) for HYBRID
Door mirror to add a sharp accent with advanced sense.
Side molding (Planet Blue / plating) for HYBRID
Elegant and of a developed sense of plating shine, it gives elegance to the side view.
Front grille (black + plating)
Black + plating decorative type to create a highly textured look. Sporty and active design tightens the front face.
Front grille (black)
Black type to create a cool look. It brings a fearless impression on the front face.
Top knot antenna
While handy parts to be replaced to remove the pole, you can change the big styling. The ingenious design by Sharp, will produce a more sporty.
LED license lamp
LED sharp light illuminate the license plate, it created a sophisticated image.
Colored door mirror arm cover
And up the sense of unity with the body by coordinating the mirror arm portion in the same color.
Door handle protector (Silver)
Protect the vulnerable part be mounted to the recessed portion of the door handle. Silver accents will represent the casually personality.
Muffler cutter (dual type)
It will produce the rear styling to sporty.

Lowdown spring
It offers both the style of the excellent driving stability and a low center of gravity. About 20mm Lowdown


Inch aluminum wheels wheel set
MODELLISTA X-CLAW <matte black × polish>
16 inches aluminum wheel & tire set
MODELLISTA SpinAir <gunmetal × Polish> & TOYO DRB
Inch aluminum wheels wheel set
MODELLISTA SpinAirⅡ <gunmetal × polish>


Interior panel set
Modern to produce a high-quality interior space "woodgrain", "Orange" to change the interior to the active image, and we have provided the "Planet Blue", which represents the spirit of innovation in the gradient.
The shift base finisher (plating)
By mounting the beautifully plated garnish to the shift gate top surface, you can upgrade to the interior drifting premium feeling.
LED room lamp set
LED of clear light is produce a more refined interior space. It also further reduced power consumption. Map lamp × 2, room lamp (center) × 1, luggage room lamp × 1


Rechargeable LED socket Light
It usually charge was inserted into the accessory socket. Ignition is turned on in the illumination lights. It can be used as a portable light by removing. It takes an active part in the work in the car outside of the time of night.
Cold temperature drink holder
Convenient, such as during long-distance drive, is the drink holder of stylish design to keep the drink to a suitable temperature. Cooler performance: 10 ℃ ± 3 ℃ heat insulation performance: 50 ℃ ± 6 ℃ (ambient temperature 25 ℃ / 350ml cans center temperature)
Luggage LED
Back two of LED lighting which is arranged in the inner portion of the door is, to improve the night of the luggage room of usability.