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Dealer Option

The stylish shape, that was subjected to a cool silver paint, and produce differentiated and luxury of the front around.
Yen 25,920
LED accent illumination
Of The Shining Light Emerald Green Through The Perforated Metal Is, Produce A Sporty And Advanced Look. It Lights Up In Conjunction With The Small Light.
Yen 27,000
Aero Parts
Front spoiler, side mud guard, set of rear bumper spoiler.
Set 128,520 Yen
Front spoiler
Modeling in consideration of the fin shape and aerodynamics of metallic silver paint, to produce a sporty look up a notch.
Yen 41,040
Side mudguard
Of course, to protect the body from the splashing of mud and pebbles, you can also expect the effect of tightening the side view.
Yen 59,400
Rear bumper spoiler
Portray the fearless from behind, it is the attractive design of the fin shape which has been subjected to metallic silver paint.
Yen 45,360
Stylish set
Roaguriru, a set of side window © Mall (plating tone).
Set 54,000 Yen
Side window © Mall (plating tone)
It enhances the sense of quality by applying the Mall of plating tone to Uindu under side.
Yen 34,560
Muffler cutter
To emphasize the individuality of the rear view, and then up the feeling of luxury
Yen 8,640
Aero stabilizer Rising fin
By generating a small vortex air current, steering stability is improved.
Yen 16,200
Side protection Mall
Give dignity to the side view, it also prevents damage of the edge at the time of door opening and closing.
Yen 19,440
Plating door mirror cover
Luxury plating plus, add accents to the exterior.
Yen 10,800
Door mirror cover (black)
It will produce a side view to sporty.
Yen 4,320
Colored rear wiper
Casually you can dress up to your liking the rear view.
Yen 6,804
A pillar garnish (Black)
The decoration of the sporty black, to the side view of a further a sense of movement.
Yen 5,400
Lower grille sticker (plating tone)
Subjected to shine plating tone to the bumper lower end, it will produce a sense of quality.
Yen 14,040
Wheel cap decal kit (for 15 inches)
In addition the accent of the blue one developed a sense, increasing the presence of the foot.
Yen 8,640
Stripe tape
Boldly run a sparkle of blue, fascinated by the side view in sharp.
Yen 9,720
Accent sticker
Sparkling blue line, make the elegant opulence to rear view.
Yen 5,400
Rear bumper step guard
View Directing Casually Rear, Also To Prevent Scratching Of The Bumper Step At The Time Of Loading And Unloading Of Luggage. Car Name Logo.
Yen 11,880
Base rack
Yen 23,760
Aluminum rack attachment
Yen 70,200
Ski & Snowboard attachment 6
Yen 18,900
Cycle attachment
Yen 18,900
Surfboard attachment
Yen 13,392
Rain clearing blue mirror
Mirror Surface Performs The The Hydrophilic Treatment, Improve The Visibility. Hydrophilic Of Recovery And Self-Healing Effect Will Persist By Sunlight. The Mirror Surface Of The Blue Will Produce A Fashionable.
Yen 12,960
Side visor (RV wide)
On Rainy Days Even Can Indoor Ventilation, Is Acrylic Visor That Considers The Wind Noise At High Speeds. Car Name Logo.
Minute One 23,760 Yen
Number frame (deluxe)
This number frame which has been subjected to fine grain silver plating.
Rear Each Front 2,160 Yen
Floor mat (luxury type)
Serve With Pomp At The Feet, Is A Long Fine Floor Mat Haired. Car Name Logo Metal Name Specification. Moreover, It Is Also Attractive Has A Happy Five Functions Of Anti-Virus Anti-Allergen, Antibacterial And Deodorant Mite "PENTAGON STAR5 (R ) ". [Devised To Fix The Floor Mat Has Been Decorated. ] Driver'S Seat Side Is Firmly Fixed A Floor Mat In A Rotary Knob Which Is Attached To The Two Places. To Prevent The Displacement Of The Mat During Running. Remove You Can Also smoothly.
Minute One 29,160 Yen
Tone leather seat cover (for gasoline)
You Want To Instinctively Entrust The Deep Himself To The Seat, Luxurious Tone Leather Seat Cover. Subjected To Double Stitching And Switching Said, Is An Article That Was Stuck In The Details.
Minute One 54,000 Yen
Leather trimmed shift knob
In the design of a combination of leather and smoke black decorative enhances the sense of quality in the room.
Yen 8,640
Leather trimmed steering wheel
Steering With High Decorated-Quality Leather. Touch Comfort Even Look Also To Notch Up.
Yen 27,000