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Dealer Option

Plated grille garnish
Yen 37,800 Consumption Tax 35,000 Yen
LED stylish beam
Minute One 45,360 Yen
Side protection Mall
Minute One 32,400 Yen
Trunk garnish
Yen 29,160
Aero stabilizer Rising fin
Minute One 16,200 Yen
Emblem illumination (front)
Yen 17,280
LED fog lamp (with illumination / White)
Minute One 86,400 Yen
Door edge protector (plating tone)
Vehicle 1 8,640 Yen
Door edge protector (made of resin)
Bottles 2 2,700 Yen
Protection film (rear bumper)
Yen 10,800
Number frame (Prestige)
Rear Each Front 3,240 Yen
Number frame (deluxe)
Rear Each Front 2,160 Yen
Side visor (Basic)
Minute One 27,000 Yen
Lead hook (vehicle tires type)
Yen 14,040
Car stickers
Yen 1,080
Floor mats (Royal type)
Minute One 51,300 Yen
Floor mat (luxury type)
Minute One 38,340 Yen
Interior illumination (two-mode type)
Yen 16,200
Wood steering
Yen 34,560
Leather key case
Yen 10,800
Tone leather seat cover
Minute One 60,480 Yen
Full seat cover (Royal type)
Minute One 36,720 Yen
IR (infrared) cut film (rear side)
Yen 10,800
Rear-seat indoor hanger
Yen 10,800
Clean box EX
Yen 7,560
Luggage soft tray
Yen 12,960
Trunk mat (carpet type)
Yen 10,800
And Leisure Floor Snow Mat (Edge High-Type) (Driver And Front Passenger)
Front 11,340 Yen
Half seat cover (luxury type)
Minute One 30,240 Yen
Ashtray (with LED illumination)
Yen 5,184
Ashtray (general-purpose type)
Yen 1,620
Pet seat cover (for the second column)
Yen 19,440