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Cool Shine Kit

Handling fee 10% will be added when purchase parts only
Modellista Aero Kit [A] + [B] +[C] 
Price JPY 76.680 + Installation fee
[A] Food garnish (plating)

Plating garnish spread to wide will shine a sense of luxury in the fearless expression.
JPY 22,680 + Installation
[B] Mirror garnish (plating)

Noble of light accents adds a premium to the door mirror look.
JPY 16,200 + Installation
[C] Side door garnish (plating)

Plating shining sharp design and tailoring the side view to stylish.
JPY 37,800 + Installation


LED top knot antenna
In sharp fin-type antenna of ingenious design, built-in LED lamp clearance lamp interlocked. It will produce the advanced exterior.
JPY 27,000 + Installation fee
Muffler cutter
Dual type of muffler cutter is to further emphasize the sporty rear style.

JPY 20,520 + Installation fee
Lowdown spring
A lower center of gravity appearance will produce a sporty style.

JPY 31,320 + Installation fee
LED license lamp
LED light mirrors the license plate, and produce the intellectual image.

JPY 8,640  + Installation fee
Door handle protector (Silver)
While protecting the recessed portion of the door handle, and accents of silver express their individuality.
JPY 6,480 + Installation fee


18 inches aluminum wheel & tire set
MODELLISTA WingDancerV <gunmetal × Polish> & Falken ZIEX ZE914F
JPY 270,000 + Installation fee
15 Inch aluminum wheels wheelset
KYOHO SMACK Sparrow <Night gunmetal × polish>

JPY 48,600 + Installation fee


LED room lamp set

A set - vanity lamp × 2, map lamp × 2, room lamp × 2, luggage lamp × 1 - JPY 30,240 + Installation fee
B set - vanity lamp × 2, map lamp × 2, room lamp × 1, luggage lamp × 1 - JPY  25,920 + Installation fee


Rechargeable LED socket Light
It usually charge was inserted into the accessory socket. Illumination lights in the ignition on, it produces a car space to one point by slowly changing in a variety of colors. 
JPY 4,968