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Aero Kit

Handling fee 10% will be added when purchase parts only
Modellista Aero Kit [A] + [B] +[C] 
Price JPY 108,000 + Installation fee

Parts only will add 10% handling fee to the prices.
[A] Front spoiler
Black out of the trapezoid is representing the dynamic stance. By floating the wing shape and combine, and create a speedy style.
JPY 50,760
[B] Side skirts
Dynamic modeling and the sharp line will produce a lively style.

JPY 49,680
[C] Rear skirt
Front and synchro bold black out the layout of the wing of the horizontal trend. To represent the rear style with advanced and wide sense.
JPY 43,200


LED top knot antenna
In sharp fin-type antenna of ingenious design, built-in LED lamp clearance lamp interlocked. It will produce the advanced exterior.
JPY 27,000 + Installation fee
Muffler cutter
Dual type of muffler cutter is to further emphasize the sporty rear style.

JPY 20,520 + Installation fee
Lowdown spring
A lower center of gravity appearance will produce a sporty style.

JPY 31,320 + Installation fee
LED license lamp
LED light mirrors the license plate, and produce the intellectual image.

JPY 8,640  + Installation fee
Door handle protector (Silver)
While protecting the recessed portion of the door handle, and accents of silver express their individuality.
JPY 6,480 + Installation fee


18 inches aluminum wheel & tire set
MODELLISTA WingDancerV <gunmetal × Polish> & Falken ZIEX ZE914F
JPY 270,000 + Installation fee
15 Inch aluminum wheels wheelset
KYOHO SMACK Sparrow <Night gunmetal × polish>

JPY 48,600 + Installation fee


LED room lamp set

A set - vanity lamp × 2, map lamp × 2, room lamp × 2, luggage lamp × 1 - JPY 30,240 + Installation fee
B set - vanity lamp × 2, map lamp × 2, room lamp × 1, luggage lamp × 1 - JPY  25,920 + Installation fee


Rechargeable LED socket Light
It usually charge was inserted into the accessory socket. Illumination lights in the ignition on, it produces a car space to one point by slowly changing in a variety of colors. 
JPY 4,968