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Maker Options

LED front garnish
Illumination Built-LED In Large-Plated Garnish. It Produces A Look Around The Front Fog Lamp To Sharp. 
Yen 157,680
Plating garnish set
LED front garnish, side garnish (plating), backdoor set of garnish (plating).
Set 226,800 Yen
Side garnish (plating)
Up The Side Dress View In The Plating Mall. It Emphasizes The Low Center Of Gravity While Tightening The Body.
Yen 54,000
Back door garnish (plating)
By attaching to the back door lower end, it brings a glamorous presence in the rear view.
Yen 43,200
LED stylish beam (plating) 
Up Illuminating Charm Dress The Front Mask To Sharp. Lighting In Conjunction With The Ignition ON / OFF, OFF. ON / OFF At Any By The Switch Operation Is Also Possible.
Yen 49,680
Plating door mirror cover
To high-plated cover texture door mirror, it gives the freshness and luxury.
Yen 16,200
Rear license garnish
In the back door license of one point, and then produce a rear view to stylish.
Yen 43,200
Plating garnish set
Set of front plating garnish, side garnish (plating), back door garnish (plating).
Yen 140,400
Front plating garnish
By plating garnish to decorate the bumper bottom, and produce a feeling of luxury that grade up to the front mask.
Yen 43,200
Fog Lamp LED (With Illumination / White)
Fog lamp with illumination light of white shines in elegant.
Fog lamp with illumination light of white shines in elegant.
Yen 86,400
Rear bumper protection film
Damage To The Prevent Rear Bumper Upper Part During The Loading And Unloading Of Luggage. It Will Produce A Sense Of Quality Arranged Kurumamei Logo On A Transparent Film.
Yen 10,800
Number frame
A bright degree subjected to the "gold paint", is the number of frames superlative design.
Rear Each Front 3,240 Yen
Rear under mirror
To reduce the rear of the blind spot.
Yen 19,440
Side visor (RV wide type)
Even on rainy days can indoor ventilation, is acrylic visor that considers the wind noise at high speeds.
Minute One 30,240 Yen
Door edge protector (plating tone)
The Vulnerable Edge Guard When The Door Is Opened And Closed. And Plus A Sense Of Luxury In The Plating Tone.
Vehicle 1 8,640 Yen
Door edge protector (made of resin)
The Vulnerable Edge Guard At The Time Of Opening And Closing The Door. You Can Choose To Match The Outer Skin Color.
Bottles 2 2,700 Yen
Lead hook (vehicle tires type)
When And Outdoor Convenient You Want Is A Little Connected With The Outside Of The Vehicle. Mounting Of The Type In Which The Fixed To The Tire When The Vehicle Is Stopped Is Also Simple. It Can Be Adjusted According To The Size Of The Tire.
Yen 14,040
Car stickers
Toyota genuine cute original sticker.
Yen 1,080
Mat Set Floor (Royal Type) (With Entrance Mat)
Perfect Can Be Mounted On The Floor In A Specially Designed Vehicle, Senior Floor Mat. The Name Part Adopted A Metal Plate With A Feeling Of Luxury. It Features A PENTAGON STAR 5 (R) Function, Which Has Five Of The Functions Of The Deodorant and antibacterial mite anti-allergen, anti -virus.
Cars 1 102,600 Yen
Illumination set
Interior illumination to welcome the valued customers and their families in light gently foot (two-mode type 4 light), welcome light (driver and front passenger), a great deal of scuff illumination (blue).
Set 83,160 Yen