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Collision mitigation brake system [FCM]
Warning: The Forward Collision Mitigation System is designed to help avoid or reduce the crash speed in certain frontal collisions. Under certain circumstances, the system may not detect frontal vehicles correctly and should not be substituted for general driver awareness.

FCM = Forward Collision Mitigation system
● At a relative speed 30km /h or less, it will avoid the collision. 
● For the vehicle stop, and avoid a collision with the vehicle speed 30km / h less than call attention in the alarm at the time of more than 30km / h. 
● Because there is no stopping and holding function, brake will be released in about two seconds after the stop. If you continue to stop, please step on the brake. 
● stopping distance will vary depending on road conditions.
Alarm + brake assist: when there is a risk of collision.
+ Automatic brake alarm: when the risk of collision is high.
Alarm + Powerful automatic brake: When a very high risk of collision.