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Outlander PHEV G Safety Package
[battery charge mode switch] control the battery intention by the driver

[S-AWC] of a four-wheel, the control of the braking force, is embodied in high-dimensional and "maneuverability of mercy" and "outstanding stability" was, vehicle dynamics integrated control system of Mitsubishi Motors "S-AWC".

In light distribution and wide
large amount of light, and both the spread of short-range and long-distance visibility,
[super wide HID headlights] support safe driving at night.

[driver and front passenger seat heater] I quickly warms the seat back and the cushion.

can be selected from the six stages [regenerative level selector] and
regenerative level.
[4WD LOCK mode switch] snow-covered road and rough road, such as uphill, in a slippery road, off-road demonstrate excellent.

[Hill start assist] It can sort of stepping into the accelerator with confidence from brake.

[left and right independent temperature-controlled fully automatic air conditioning] temperature can be independent regulation in the passenger seat and
the driver's seat.

[steering wheel audio remote control] by a switch was installed in the spokes on the steering wheel, you can manipulate audio, TV tuner, and MMCS.

It easy display in color multi-information display,a variety of driving information.

[(rapid-usually) charging function] The
Outlander PHEV, it can be from external charging two ways "normal charging" and "quick charge", to choose the best method depending on the circumstances.

The standard equipment on all models all [SRS air bag of seven air bag one
a total of 7, we enhance the safety.

With inform the driver by detecting the risk [e-Assist] The accident,
support so that they can prevent and avoid or mitigate the damage.