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4.M Package

Outlander PHEV E Package
[battery charge mode switch] control the battery intention by the driver

[S-AWC] of a four-wheel, the control of the braking force, is embodied in high-dimensional and "maneuverability of mercy" and "outstanding stability" was, vehicle dynamics integrated control system of Mitsubishi Motors "S-AWC".

[driver and front passenger seat heater] I quickly warms the seat back and the cushion.

[4WD LOCK mode switch] snow-covered road and rough road, such as uphill, in a slippery road, off-road demonstrate excellent.

[Hill start assist] It can sort of stepping into the accelerator with confidence from brake.

It easy display in color multi-information display,a variety of driving information.

[(rapid-usually) charging function] The
Outlander PHEV, it can be from external charging two ways "normal charging" and "quick charge", to choose the best method depending on the circumstances.