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 1.If you select a spare tire, different shape and material of the deck under box.
* 2.Spare tire and the panorama roof can not be installed simultaneously.
* 3.Shaped light license plate can not be mounted.
* 4.If you select a panoramic view monitor, back guide & side monitor can not be installed.
*5.This can be selected only when you have selected the intelligent clearance sonar.
* 6.Intelligent clearance sonar and rear cross traffic alert [RCTA], rear cross traffic auto brake [RCTAB], blind spot monitor [BSM] will be installed simultaneously.
* 7.This can be selected only when you select the leather seats.
* 8.This can be selected only when you have selected three eye full LED head lamp & LED sequential turn signal lamp.
* 9.If you select the leather seats, auto electric retractable door mirrors (with wide-angle auto-dimming reverse interlocking tilt down memory heater) and Power Easy Access system, steering heater, driver and front passenger seat heater, rear seat center armrest (with cup holder storage box), driver and front passenger air Comfortable seat will be installed simultaneously.
* 10.Door courtesy lamp will be LED.
* 11.Door courtesy lamp will be valve-type.
* 12.Those who use the devices such as implantable cardiac pacemaker, because it may affect the medical electrical equipment by radio waves, that you do not close the implantable cardiac pacemaker to within about 22cm from the transmitter, which is mounted on a vehicle give me. Please consult your Lexus dealer so you can also stop the radio wave transmission.
*13.Those who use the devices such as implantable cardiac pacemaker, the only actual use of the charge put please often consult with a physician. Charging operation may affect medical electrical equipment. Please consult your Lexus dealer so you can also stop the charging function.
*14.If you choose a panoramic roof, roof rail is the simultaneous wearing. Roof rail alone selection is also possible.
* 15.This wood, you can feel free to choose either of bamboo. Steering of the material (the wood / bamboo) will be the ornament panel and set you have chosen.
* 16.We are using synthetic leather in a part of the sheet.
* 17.This can be selected only when you select the rear seat heater.
* 18.You may not be able to play by the disc.
* 19.VTR cable is separately required for use. Please for more information ask your Lexus dealer.
* 20.This service, as long as the customers that you have purchased a new car · CPO (Lexus certified pre-owned car), I will offer. It requires a separate agreement to use. G-Link basic usage fee will be charged for three years after the new car registration (only to customers that you have purchased a new car). The subsequent fourth year of available procedures and G-Link basic usage fee, please contact the Lexus dealer. It is not available in places where radio waves can not reach.
*21.Operator service Bluetooth ® you can hands-free connection to compatible mobile phone, without the agreement of car-only hands-free phone, guests can only available to select the "Owner's desk" button.
*22.The first registration date and service start date, available three years from the use start date. In addition, "all update (the latest version of your purchase We are updated with the dealer the map software)" available for two years from the date of implementing the "full update" in that (It should be noted that, in less than three years from the use starting date " even in a case which has been totally updated ", please implementation date from Precautions it will be two years of use period" all update ". However, from the use start date only if it is" full update "to register the first year three years are available). The automatic update by the communication requires agreement of G-Link. When there is no contract, updating of the map SD card by the map update and PC application by the media (CD-R / DVD-R / USB memory) are available. Map update of the target high-speed roads, toll roads and major national roads nationwide and highway facilities and toll road facilities, and some of the set home around 80km square and destination around 10km square to the navigation national and major roads, prefectural road and other is the road and the road width 5.5m less than the road and three-dimensional landmark equivalent of prominent facility (town diagram data, outside the update target rate data of voice guidance data and high-speed roads and toll road). General facility information, such as a convenience store will be updated only facility symbol. It should be noted, by the collection / development status of the map update data, highway It may take about three months before delivery. General road after data collection / maintenance, it will order delivery.
*23.Setup cost will be required separately. Please for more information ask your Lexus dealer.
*24.Please use the following electrical products 100W. However, there is an item you want and will pay attention if they do not normally operate in the following electrical products 100W. Please be sure to look at the product of handling manual before you intend to use. If in some areas that were running the engine during the stop of the vehicle, it may be subject to penalties touch the ordinance so please enough attention.
*25.In cold weather model and strives to enhance the equipment in consideration of the use of in cold climates. In addition, LED rear fog lamp is mounted, lighting state of the tail lamp will change. In addition, Hokkaido district cold weather model is the standard equipment.
"Manufacturer option" you will be charged at the time of your order. For mounting at the manufacturer's factory, please note that after your order we can not accept.
"Version L" "F SPORT" is not a grade name.
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