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These maker options must order for factory installed. cannot add on after vehicle deliver to us.
225 / 60R18 100H tire & 18X7 1 / 2J aluminum wheels (cutting glitter)
JPY 5,400

Pre-crash Safety System (millimeter wave radar system)
+ Radar cruise control (with all vehicle speed tracking function)
JPY 64,800
Pre-crash safety system (millimeter wave radar system) is to detect such preceding vehicle or an obstacle on the path in millimeter-wave radar, supporting the collision avoidance by the control of the alarm or the brake if it is determined that is likely to collide to you. Any chance, when it encounters the preceding vehicle and the collision to the scene after the alarm, the driver is strongly assisted braking force pre-crash brake assist is stepping on the brake, the preceding vehicle 20km / h, and the vehicle 80km / h I will decelerate maximum of about 60km / h in the case. 
Also even if the if the driver did not step on the brake, pre-crash brake actuation. Preceding vehicle 20km / h, and slowed a maximum of approximately 30km / h in the case of the vehicle 50km / h, you can reduce the damage of avoidance or collision the collision. 
Radar cruise control (with brake control), not only constant speed running on the highway, you will be properly maintained while follow-up running the inter-vehicle distance to the preceding vehicle in a wide range from 0km / h of about 100km / h. while maintaining an appropriate following distance when the preceding vehicle has stopped to stop smoothly, and maintain the stopped state. When the preceding vehicle to start, and then restart the follow-up running by the accelerator operation or switch operation. 
※ Pre-crash Safety System (millimeter wave radar system), operates in the vehicle speed 15km / h or more and the relative speed 10km / h or more. The road conditions, there are times when it does not work by the vehicle state and weather conditions, etc.. Please ask for details on the Lexus dealer. Numeric-house measurements. 
※ radar cruise control (with brake control), there is a limit on the situation in the inter-vehicle distance control. Do not overconfident equipment, drive safely.

Power back door 
(with pinch protection function and stop position memory function)
JPY 58,000

Rear seat 6: 4 split retractable seat (with electric reclining & electric storage function)
JPY 54,000
Clearance sonar & back sonar A
Using an ultrasonic sensor, and detects the vehicle front and rear of the obstacle. Displays the distance and location of the access site of an obstacle to the multi-information display, it calls attention to the driver in voice and buzzer at the same time. 
JPY 43,200
**Clearance sonar & back sonar can not be installed at the same time as B.

Clearance sonar & back sonar B
+ Panoramic View Monitor (with left and right confirmation support) 
+ blind spot monitor [BSM] 
JPY 151,200
**Clearance sonar & back sonar A at the same time it can not be mounted..

"Mark Levinson" premium surround sound system
JPY 254,880
In NX, adopted the Green Edge (TM) technology, and configure the space in 12ch Class-D amplifier and 14 speakers with the power and sound quality that can be used in a concert hall. 

Accessories outlet (AC100V · 1500W / center console rear)
JPY 56,160

Spare tire (emergency tires)
If you select a spare tire, puncture repair kit will not attached.

drive mode select will be ECO / NORMAL / SPORT S / SPORT S + 4 mode
JPY 108,000
**Includes in F Sport Package

Lane Departure Alert [LDA] (with steering control) A
+ Automatic high beam [AHB]

JPY 73,440
Lane Departure Alert [LDA] (with steering control), the white lines on the road (yellow line) is recognized by the camera, if the driver is likely to deviate from the lane without the turn signal operation, the buzzer and the display displays I will draw attention. At the same time and by controlling the electric power steering [EPS], and supports the steering operation of the driver to easily avoid lane departure. 

**Lane Departure Alert [LDA] can not be installed at the same time (with steering control) B.

Lane Departure Alert [LDA] (with steering control) B
+ Automatic high beam [AHB] 
+ color head-up display
JPY 163,000
**Lane Departure Alert [LDA] can not be installed at the same time (with steering control) A.

Panorama roof

JPY 108,000
Moon roof (tilt & Outerwear sliding) at the same time it can not be mounted. 
You can not at the same time to be mounted and roof rail.

Moon roof (tilt & Outerwear sliding)

JPY 108,000
You can not be mounted panoramic roof and at the same time.

Roof rail

JPY 32,400
You can not be mounted panoramic roof and at the same time.