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Honda Fit GP5 comes with three different Packages
  1. Base Package
  2. F Package = Base Package + F Package
  3. L Package = Base Package + F Package + L Package
  4. S Package = Base Package + F Package + L Package + S Package

Here is the detail information of each packages

Safety and Environment Equipment

Comfort Equipment

Interior Equipment

Exterior Equipment

Travel-related Equipment

※ 1  There is no function suppression of false start "City active brake system" to MT car.
※ 2  If you install a "relief package", "grab rail (driver's side / rear left and right) and coat hook (rear right)" is equipped.
※ 3  "Coaching function" is equipped.
※ 4  In the case of "Honda Smart Key System" vehicles, the function of the "radio-type keyless entry system" will be integrated into "Honda                Smart Key System".
※ 5  "Power Switch" is equipped instead to "push engine start / stop switch" hybrid model.
※ 6  There is no outside temperature display function of "Information Display" in the 5MT cars.
※ 7  Capacity and shape are different in 4WD vehicles and FF car.
 There is the case that can not be installed simultaneously depending on the combination manufacturer's option. In addition, there is a case to be set mounting manufacturers and other options. 
Please contact the sales company for details.
■ manufacturer's option, for mounting in the factory of the manufacturer, please note that we can not accept the order later.
■ are subject to change without notice and equipment specification. Please be forewarned.
■ dedicated communication equipment will be mounted on the Honda Internavi navi equipped car.
■ delivery time is different type, color, options, etc. by.
■ Please contact the Lead Solution company for details.