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Navigation system ready package for install third party car stero system (Head Units) which includes
  • Wide rear camera
  • Illuminated audio remote control switch
  • Digital TV antenna print <12-segment / seg>
  • Dedicated wire harness
  • USB jack <one place>, 
  • HDMI (R) input terminal
PRICE JPY 43,200
Applicable for Hybrid basic package, Vezel X 1.5 

Driver's seat / passenger seat heater
  • Adjustable two stages in the air conditioning of the touch panel.
PRICE JPY 54,000 (With Comfort view)
Applicable for Hybrid X
Includes in Hybrid Z

17" Alloy Wheels

PRICE JPY 67,100
Applicable for Hybrid X Only

Comfort View Package

Remove the water droplets or cloudy from door mirrors, front door glasses and front window for keeping good visibility in the rain.
Hydrophilic / Heated door mirrors 
Water-repellent and heat ray front window glasses

PRICE JPY 37,800
Applicable Vezel X 1.5.

  • Collision mitigation brake <CMBS>
  • Pedestrian accident reduction steering 
  • ACC <adaptive cruise control> 
  • LKAS <lane keeping support system> 
  • Road departure suppression function 
  • False start suppression function 
  • Preceding vehicle start alert function 
  • Sign recognition function
PRICE JPY 70,000
Applicable for all Vezel Hybrid and Gasoline Packages

Driver's seat 8way / passenger seat 4way power seat

PRICE JPY 86,400
Applicable for all Vezel Hybrid Z, 

The front seat i- side air bag system + side curtain air bag system

PRICE JPY 224,700 (Bundle with Navi ready, Honda sensing, LED headlights)
Applicable for Vezel G, 

Roof Rails

PRICE JPY 37,800
Applicable for Vezel X 1.5

Combination Seats
  • Leather and Fabric combination leathers
PRICE JPY 54,000 (With Seat Heater)
Applicable for Hybrid X,  Packages
Includes in Hybrid Z

Leather Seats

PRICE JPY 75,600
Applicable for Hybrid Z, Hybrid RS 

Leather Seats for Special Style Only

PRICE JPY 90,000
Applicable for Vezel Special Style 

LED Headlights
PRICE JPY 191,800 (Bundle with Navi ready + Honda sensing 
Applicable for Vezel G,