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All Gasoline Packages comes with following standard options

 Switch-on in to the low fuel consumption mode. Also it supports eco-driving progress in the coaching lighting.
This is a system that automatically stops the engine when the vehicle is stopped.
It is a big opening width charm and door handle to open with a light force.
In addition to carrying the key, easy to door and 
can be locking and unlocking of the tailgate.
Such as pollen and dust, and then nearly shut out the substance that causes the allergy

You can raise and lower the tray when needed,
If Shimae the third row seat of the 3-seater under the floor, spacious in the luggage space.

Mirror with sunglasses box overlooking the appearance of the rear seat from the 1-row seat.

Advance Package Options

Operation feeling attractive, such as the smartphone 
Next-generation navigation system.
● Honda Inter navi + link-up free

In the video, such as looking down from the sky 
support the operation.
● multi-view camera system

The handle operation of the back parking and parallel parking assist automatically. Parking space is also detected.

EX Package Option

The direction in which the turn out the light, the night of the intersection and increase the sense of security of the like.
● LED active cornering lightis lit ※ headlights, operating at less than or equal to about 40km / h

It will be announced by detecting the car of a position difficult to see, such as during a lane change.
● blind spot info

First column left and right seat, you can set the temperature of the favorite in the three zones each of the rear seat.
● Triple zone control full auto air conditioner

In large capacity 1500W, power corresponding to such as an electric kettle and portable refrigerator. A wide range can be used at the time of outdoor and disaster. Operable from the second column.
● 100V AC power supply might ※ does not operate normally even in the following electrical equipment rated power consumption 1500W. Please contact your sales company for details.

Relaxing place the elbow, comfortable armrest of size. Adjustable angle of your choice.
● Driver's seat large armrest

Convenient for storage,is a shutter with a box storage.
● Center Console Box

A fusion of millimeter-wave radar and a monocular camera advanced driver assistance system.
Enhance the occupant protection performance in the event of a side collision air bag system.
● 1-row seat for the i- side air bag system + side curtain air bag system
When the front is hard to see in such fog,illuminate widely the left and right of a position close to the car.
● Fog lights
The usability of the dealer option navigation set to further increase.
● Special package for Navi mounted * 2 * 3 Tasu ETC-board unit
Such as elapsed time and average vehicle speed,it can be displayed by switching a variety of information.
● multi-information display
A combination of different materials,functional and to the individual.
● Combi sheet (prime smooth × fabric)
You can adjust the front and rear slide, recline, the height of the front and rear seat surface steplessly switch operation.
● driver's seat 8-way power seat
Feel attractive to adapt to the texture and hand decorate the cockpit to quality.
● leather-wrapped steering wheel

Convenient use to pull it out as needed Sun Shade.
● 2-row large roll Sun Shade

To suppress the infrared rays produce a scorching feeling, ultraviolet rays about 99% cut to plug from the glass of the front door * 5 .
● IR cut <thermal barrier> glass [front window and front door] + Super UV cut glass [the front door]
In position lamp to draw a line in sharp look.
● light type LED position lamps

In paddle operation, shift operation of the manual car sensation you can enjoy.
● paddle shift

The front face in the advanced white shine tightens.
● LED headlight

Rear door that can be opened and closed easier in electric. Door handle operations can also be performed with a light force.
● rear right side power sliding door

The LED lighting that wraps the interior in fine shine, was set to 1 to 3 column.
● LED room lamp

It is a set of front door glass to repel the door mirror and a drop of water to remove the water droplets or cloudy.
● Comfort view package (hydrophobic / Heated door mirrors + front door water-repellent glass)