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Honda Fit GP5

These options are available in all packages
In the event of a moderate-to-severe side impact, the SmartVent™ side airbag is designed to deploy and inflate quickly to maximize potential protection for properly seated occupants, helping to protect the driver's or front passenger's upper body from injury, or vent before fully inflating if an occupant is in the side airbag deployment path, thereby decreasing the likelihood for an airbag-related injury.


What happens if you happen to turn off the abrupt steering
It will reduce the skid car unexpected.
VSA (ABS + TCS + sideslip suppression)

It is allowed to fast flashing hazard lamps I will tell the brakes to the following vehicle.Emergency stop signal

It is allowed to fast flashing hazard lamps I will tell the brakes to the following vehicle.Emergency stop signal
Fuel-efficient operation, Notice to the green lighting in the meter.Eco Assist (coaching function)
And stop the engine automatically when the vehicle is stopped, you can eliminate the emissions and fuel consumption waste.Idling stop system
■ There is the case you do not stop the engine depending on the conditions.

Can be adjusted up or down to fit the physique, the position of the steering.Tilt steering

High-performance deodorizing filter to cause allergic disease, to shut out almost allergen.Allele-free high-performance deodorizing filter
■ The half within five minutes ※ allergens in the room, treated with internal filter can be captured almost 15 minutes ※.※ Honda in-house vehicle test value
Fitted reliably, and easy. Collision of an emergency, I will effectively suppressed the forward movement of the child seat.ISOFIX child seat general-purpose lower Anchorage + top tether Anchorage 

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