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Main equipment
● Hill start assist function
● Honda smart key system
● Full automatic air conditioning
● rear air conditioning outlets
● Comfort view package (4WD) ※ 4WD vehicles equipped with all types standard
● Half Shade front window

Fuel Consumption : 34.4KM/L

[Main equipment addition to the equipment of HYBRID DX)]
● LED headlights
● Cruise control
● plasma cluster technology equipped with full auto air conditioner
● driver's seat and front passenger seat heater (4WD)
● leather-wrapped steering wheel
● IR cut <thermal barrier> function with glass (front window & front door)
● Super UV-cut front door glass, etc.


Fuel Consumption : 34.4KM/L

[Main equipment (in addition to the equipment of HYBRID LX)]
● Safety package (City brake active system, front seat i- side air bag system + side curtain air bag system)
● Driver's seat and front passenger seat heater (FF)
● 8 speakers
● Combi sheet (prime smooth × fabric)
● Rear accessory socket (two)
● Fog fog lights
● Paddle shift
● 16-inch aluminum wheels (FF)
● 15-inch aluminum wheels (4WD)


Fuel Consumption : 31.4KM/L