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LED stylish beam
Yen 38,880
Rear spoiler
Yen 32,400
Aero Parts
Set 197,640 Yen
Front grille and front spoiler
Yen 113,400
Side mudguard (plating type)
Yen 56,160
Rear bumper spoiler (plating type)
Yen 43,200
Plating door mirror cover
Yen 12,960
Rear garnish (plating)
Yen 24,840
Garnish set (heat haze)
Set 35,640 Yen
Pillar garnish (heat haze)
Yen 19,440
Back door garnish (heat haze)
Yen 6,480
Door mirror cover (heat haze)
Yen 9,720
LED fog lamp (with illumination / White)
Yen 86,400
Door edge protector (plating tone)
Yen 5,400
Door edge protector (made of resin)
Pieces 2 2,700 Yen
Rain clearing blue mirror
Yen 12,960
Interior illumination (2 mode type 5 lights)
18,360 yen
Pillar Light
Yen 19,440
Scuff Illuminated
Minute One 42,120 Yen
Step Light
Yen 17,280
Entry Light
Yen 12,960
Indoor curtain (with a light-blocking function / drape type)
Yen 48,600
System console (with Kuroki Mecho tray / warm cold box)
Yen 75,600
Third seat when storing pad
Two 8,640 Yen
Leather key case
Yen 10,800
IR (Infrared) Cut Film (Rear Side Back Glass) (Clear)
Yen 27,000
Luggage partition case
Yen 13,500
Flexible luggage mat
Yen 16,200