We are specialized for Japanese used cars but we also sell all kind of brand new cars made in Japan. We can guarantee that our prices are cheapest in the market. Please tell us if anywhere else is cheaper than us. We will try to beat that price for you. We can arrange car which fit to your budget and preference. 
Pleas call us or send us a e-mail with your phone number. we will call you within 2 hours after arrived your mail.

We are committed to offering you competitive prices for brand new vehicles, which is why if you find price from another car exporter is lower than the lowest price we provided, on the same vehicle and options/accessories, we will beat that price by 0.5%.

Here is the procedure of buying brand new vehicles

. Contact us with maker, model and options of new vehicle you need

2. Pay JPY 300,000 as down payment to confirm your order. Order will be placed to car manufacture once payment confirmed. Balance need to pay through the bank when LC papers received your bank.             

  3. We send proforma invoice to you for submit your bank to open LC. 


4Lead Solution ship your vehicle when receive LC documents from our bank.

5You collect document from bank and clear your vehicle from port.

New Vehicle Delivery Timing
Once you have placed an order for your new vehicle you will be given an indicative deadline for when your vehicle will be ready.

Current vehicle delivery lead times, the time taken for the vehicle to be built and transported into the country, are between 2 to 4 weeks.

In order to help you better understand the timelines associated with the order and delivery of your vehicle we have created a breakdown of the process and timings.

First 2 to 4 weeks*
  • Lead Solution Purchasing department place order with dealer
  • Dealer places order with Manufacturer
  • Order waits for a production build slot
  • Order allocated a production date
Two weeks before vehicle release from factory
  • Lead Solution receive chassis number from dealer
  • Lead Solution open LC
In the last week
  • Vehicle built and released from factory
  • Vehicle shipped to Sri Lanka
*Please note that delivery time line may two weeks earlier or delayed due to unpredictable variability in production and shipping schedule

*Note some vehicle models takes longer lead time. Please check with us before you confirm the order.
*Estimated delivery dates are subject to change, and Lead Solution will notify you of any change

Typical issues that can delay an order:
  • Shipment – bad weather and operational issues at docks
  • Transportation issues
  • Awaiting third party supplier for specialist fitting/equipment
  • Parts shortage during production
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