SL Gift Permit

Gift/Donation Scheme (CIE 8a, 8b) , suspended
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The Gift/Donation Scheme - (CIE 8a,8b)  for Sri Lankan gone abroad for employments on valid visa are entitled

to donate vehicles to blood relations is suspended by the Department. "


Last Updated on Friday, 16 December 2011 06:39 

Those who work overseas under valid visa can gift a vehicle to blood relative or a family member. 
Who are the relatives can gift?
His/Her mother, father, brother, wife and children. 

How old vehicle can gift?
Not less than 10 years from manufacture date.

What type of vehicle?
It could be a car, van, Jeep or a cab. 

Petrol car not exceeding 1800 cc, 
Petrol Jeep, Van or Cab not exceeding 2800 cc, 
Diesel car not exceeding 2300 cc, 
Diesel Jeep, Van or a Cab not exceeding 3000cc. 

How often foreign employee can gift vehicle to relatives?
One gets this opportunity once in 5 years.

What documents are required?
  • Duly completed CIE 06 Form.
  • 2 photos of the vehicle from front and rear view, 
  • Registration certificate, 
  • Documents proving that the owner has earned foreign exchange. Monthly bank statements should be attached to prove the sufficient foreign earnings and remittance to Sri Lanka ( US$ 20,000) covering the period of employment in abroad.
  • Photocopies of the passport and the visa pages, 
  • Certificate of foreign employment ( 1 year service completion certificate for vehicles not older than 5 years and 3 year certificate for vehicles less than 10 years )
  • Documents proving the relationship, 
  • Fitness certificate of the vehicle etc. 

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What are the restrictions?
The donor should be a foreign worker and cannot donate it once s/he comes back to Sri Lanka. 
The vehicle cannot be sold for 3 years.

How much cost customs as Duty/tax and others?
1. License Value

 Vehicle Age (Years)License Fee ( On CIF Value) 
 3 ½  03%
 5-7 05%
 7-8 07%
 8-9 09%
 9-10  12%

2. Tax / Duty
3. 15% Gift tax.

What are the benifit of Gift Permit?
Typically Sri Lanka can export 2 years old vehicles. But for gift permit it ca go up to 10 years.
When vehicle is older CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) value becomes lower means you get cheaper car than regular.
As tax calculation based on year of manufactured. Older vehicle means lower tax.In addition to Duty/Tax you have to pay 15% Gift tax.