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We know that you feel risky buying used vehicle directly from Japan.
We know how hard you earn and save money to get your long term dream comes true.
We know that it's not cheap buying vehicle in your country due to high taxes.

Having said that we all know one reality is nothing risk-free in this world. No matter where you buy your vehicle there is still some risk but we are trying to tell you how to mitigate risk buying through our service.

Before that let us explain following three things,

  • We don't keep vehicle stock. we don't repair the vehicle. what we do is provides service with an affordable price to buy the vehicle from most trusted auction sites in Japan. We can check the vehicle on behalf of you and make you sure that you are buying good condition vehicles.
  • All vehicle in Japan auction sites are well inspected and categorized according to vehicle condition, usage, and repair status. You can see those inspection result sheet in the online auction before you bid.
  • As you know by experience that Japanese vehicles are not designed and make to last two years. Those can run years and years without any problem with very little maintenance.  This day recalls are becoming a most commonly reported issue of vehicles. We can ship you those recall parts as soon as those available.
If your local dealer offers you the warranty, That means you pay for it.  They may say to you that if no warranty, anything can happen: you could be out around same.  That's why the warranty gives some people "peace of mind" -- it eliminates the worry of the out life, an expensive repair bill. This is true but ...

Buying brand new or used cars from your local car dealer with warranties means you pay additional (JPY 200,000 to 300,000) up front to get it repair for free in case your car break naturally within given period of time. Most cases guarantee period is one year time with many hidden conditions and not valid even minor accident.
When you buy from us you get same vehicle much cheaper than local car dealers with no warranty. you can have your own warranty buying vehicle from us. Here is how it work. You can invest money you save on buying the vehicle from us into the fixed deposit account. Then you can use that money in case your car break naturally. Which we all know that probability is very very low. 

Guaranteed average saving buying car from us is JPY 300,000 per vehicle.Depending one vehicle you may be able to save JPY.500,000 to JPY 1.0M

we have arranged payment security systems from reputed and secure association and organizations. 100% money back guarantee when 
  • You didn't receive your vehicle.
  • You received something that doesn't match what we agreed.

"So with us, you can have your dream car for very affordable price and also you can start to invest some money you save on using our service to buy vehicle"