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What is the procedure of placing order
  • Customer need to pay 10% of the CIF price When you confirm order
  • Lead Solution place the order after receive down payment
  • Factory send chassis number of vehicle one week before they deliver vehicle to Lead Solution warehouse
  • Customer need to pay balance payment after receiving chassis no
  • Lead Solution ship vehicle to Singapore
  • Lead Solution prepare documents and send copy to customer for confirmation
  • Once confirmed, Original will courier to customer's address.
  • Customer clear vehicle from custom
  • Deal Done!
 What is the the procedure of importing car to Singapore
Please refer the document here

 What document are you provide?
We provide all documents bellow which are complete list of documents required for hassle free clearing your vehicle from custom. If anything else you need please let us know.
  1. Matters of Registration Certificate - Current Record ( Originals and English translation)
  2. Preserve Records Certificate ( Origianls and English translation)
  3. Export with De-registration certificate (Originals and English translation)
  4. Factory/Supplier Invoice - English
  5. Bill of Lading/Arrival Notice - English
  6. Insurance Policy - English
  7. Vehicle Specification - English
  1. Impressive photo portfolio which helps you to sell the car before it’s even arrived.
Can you de-register vehicle with in 14 days.
Yes we can. We know this is one of the very important requirement we need to fulfill.

Can you help us to clear vehicle from Singapore port?
   Sorry, we don't have such service in Singapore. Please contact clearing agents bellow

   25 kaki bukit road 4
   Tel: 63416453 / 54
   Fax: 63416450

    NO 2 kallang pudding road
    #08-08 mactech building
    Singapore 349307
    Tel : 6746 6836  
    Fax : 6746 9839

+How to applying for Singapore Customs’ Assessment for Dutiable Motor Vehicles 
For individuals or parallel importers

Once the vehicle has been purchased and shipped to Singapore, the importer may apply for an assessment of the vehicle’s customs value. An application has to be submitted for every imported unit of vehicle.

Please complete this form and submit it with the following documents, where applicable:

Commercial invoice
  • Bill of lading
  • Freight and insurance invoices
  • Bills/receipts relating to incidental charges incurred during shipment
  • Full manufacturer’s specification card (a listing of standard and optional equipment on the vehicle and unique for every vehicle)
  • Completion Inspection Certificate (CIC) Paper
  • Registration/De-registration documents from the country of exportation
  • Manufacturer’s letter confirming date of vehicle’s manufacture
  • Payment documents for the purchase (for example, telegraphic transfer slip)
  • Clear photos of the odometer (showing mileage), interior, exterior and engine/chassis number (for used vehicles)
  • Once the application is approved, an approval letter from Singapore Customs containing details of the vehicle, such as unit price and incoterms, will be sent to the importer.

+What are the import clearance/delivery for RO/RO (loose cargo):
Here is the approximate costing
Arrival notice               - at cost
Permit/declaration       - SGD250/set
Handling                      - SGD35/shipment
PSA wharfage               - SGD1.75/CBM or at cost
PPAT processing          - SGD45/set
Trucking                      - SGD220/unit auto ramp trailer includes at stevedore fees (west area trucking) or tow back to open yards
Port storage at cost if any
Customer can collect vehicle from clearing agent workshop or deliver to your door step
Cargo delivery by towing - SGD60/unit (2WD) (non-platform)               
- SGD100/unit (4WD)       

+What is the duty for import vehicle?
Duties payable = Customs value x Excise duty rate
Company A imports a motor car that was bought at S$100,000 on Free on Board (FOB) incoterms. The overseas freight, handling and insurance charges to ship the car to Singapore cost S$1,000. Assuming the excise duty for motor cars is 20% of the customs value:

Customs value of car = S$101,000
Duties payable = S$101,000 x 20% = S$20,200

What is the light transmittance requirement for the windscreen and door glasses?
   Light transmittance for the front windscreen and two front side windows must be at least 70%.
    Light transmittance for the rear windscreen and the rear passenger windows must be at least 25%.
      Some of  Japan domestic vehicle does not meet this requirement. In that case we would recommend importers to               replace glasses when vehicle reach to Singapore

      Here is few companies who sell/lend window glasses
      1) Auto Glass Venture          
      2) Glass Fix

What is OMV? It stands for Open Market Value.
    OMV is assessed by the Singapore Customs, based on the price actually paid or payable for the goods when sold for export to the country of importation. This price includes purchase price, freight, insurance and all other charges incidental to the sale and delivery of the car to Singapore.
To obtain the average OMVs of commonly-registered car models, please click here and follow the steps.

What is Toyota Noah visible light transmittance, UV cut rate of each glass
   Please refer the bellow chart

What is Honda Vezel visible light transmittance, UV cut rate of each glass
   Please refer the bellow chart

What is Toyota Prius visible light transmittance, UV cut rate of each glass
   Please refer the bellow chart

What is Toyota Harrier visible light transmittance, UV cut rate of each glass
Please refer the bellow chart

What is Toyota Sienta visible light transmittance, UV cut rate of each glass
   Please refer the bellow chart

What is Toyota Estima visible light transmittance, UV cut rate of each glass
   Please refer the bellow chart

What is Toyota Vellfire visible light transmittance, UV cut rate of each glass
   Please refer the bellow chart

What is Honda Freed visible light transmittance, UV cut rate of each glass
   Please refer the bellow chart

+ Where can i find VETL EMISSION DATA?