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Honda Hybrid Drive Modes

posted Feb 24, 2014, 7:44 AM by NEW - USED CARS FROM JAPAN
The SPORT HYBRID i-DCD automatically selects one of three drive modes based on driving conditions.
The extremely quiet, motor-only EV Drive mode is selected for frequent stop-start and low-speed cruising situations such as urban driving. The clutch disengages the engine to reduce friction, realizing a highly efficient EV drive.
For acceleration the Hybrid Drive mode is selected, engaging the clutch and starting the engine. By combining power from both the engine and motor, the Hybrid Drive mode provides a powerful drive.
For high-speed cruising the Engine Drive mode is selected, maximizing efficient use of the engine.
The SPORT HYBRID i-DCD determines the most efficient mode not only for fuel economy and power, but for battery recharging. The clutch disengages the engine during deceleration to efficiently convert kinetic energy to electricity.

Drive Modes