Japan Car Exporter
If you are looking to Import a Japanese brand new vehicle to your country for an affordable price, you are at the right place.
Lead Solution is here to assist you to choose the right vehicle that best fits your needs and budget. Whether you are looking for a vehicle for personal, business, or resell, we can help you decide what you need based on brand, size, type, city drive, and off-road.

Lead Solution was established in 2000. Lead Solution, Ltd is among Japan's pioneers in the used vehicle export industry. We have shipped 10,000 Japanese used & brand new cars across the globe. Our car selling concept is totally different from other car exports in the market. Most car exporters buy cars from auctions and keep them in their warehouse because of that there are some costs they have to add that car price when they sell it to the customer. We don't maintain our stocks and we don't have a warehouse. This is the main reason customer can buy cars through our service than anywhere else. We don't sell the customer what we have. We support the customer in what they want. The customer selects the car from a factory or auction directly and we help them to bid the car and ship it to the customer's country. 

"We are also committed to offering you competitive prices for brand new vehicles, which is why if you find price from another car exporter is lower than the lowest price we provided, on the same vehicle and options/accessories, we will beat that price by 0.5%"

Lead Solution is a licensed used car dealer in Japan, we are specialist auction agents with membership and access to all the major Japanese car auctions. We also have 1000's satisfied customers - see our buyer testimonials.

Why Lead Solution? 
It`s simple. We help you to buy it. That`s what we do.
So how can we help you? 
We help you to get it to your doorstep. Remember, it`s your car, your bid and you buy from auction. We just help make your dream a reality.
How do you import your car? 
You don`t. That`s where we come in, we can send it to your doorstep.
If you are happy, then you can help us by paying a small amount.. so we can continue this service.

We are member of the all major car auction companies around the Japan. Here is the some of them.
  • Arai Auto Auction International (AAAI)
  • Asnet Auto Auctions (AAA)
  • Bay-Auc Auto Auction (BAYAUC)
  • BCN Auto Auction (BCN)
  • Chubu Auto Auctions (CAA)
  • GF Fleet Tender Auto Auction
  • Global Auto Auction (GAO)
  • Honda Auto Auction (HAA)
  • iATA Auto Auction (iATA)
  • IAUC Auto Auction (IAUC)
  • Japan Auto Auction (JAA)
  • JU Auto Auction (JU Group)
  • Light Auto Auction (LAA)
  • Nissan Auto Auction (NAA)
  • Nissan Tender Auto Auction (NTAA)
  • Ryutsu Auto Auction (RAA)
  • Tokyo Used Car Dealers Association
  • Toyota Auto Auction (TAA)
  • USS Auto Auction (USS)

"We can guarantee that buying directly from most trusted japanese auction is cheaper. In addition to that you get industrial standard JAAI certify and genuine condition assessments from auction"

Lead Solution Ltd is Certified by the Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporter Association as a motor vehicle Exporter in Japan.